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Use of a NAFCM Account requires your acknowledgement and acceptance of and compliance with the following NAFCM Account Terms of Service. These Terms of Service may update periodically with or without prior or written notice. The current version may be found here:


NAFCM Accounts are intended to facilitate a professional digital presence for individuals and organizations directly connected with local community mediation initiatives. This may include program administrators, volunteer mediators, trainers, students preparing to enter the field, and others actively involved in community mediation. Access to a NAFCM Account may be denied to or revoked from those insufficiently connected to the community mediation field and those who violate the appropriate use guidelines and Terms of Service outlined below.


Provision of and continued access to personalized NAFCM Accounts are a benefit provided to NAFCM members in good standing, and is subject to continual appropriate use as outlined below. Additional access limitations are subject to Google Apps service availability and NAFCM’s own continued access to the Google Apps platform.


These NAFCM Account Terms of Service apply to all personalized NAFCM Accounts created using the following domains:

Available to Individual Members:Available to Program Members:


The number of personalized NAFCM Accounts connected with a particular NAFCM membership is subject to the respective membership category benefits, as well as any additional accounts that may be purchased from NAFCM.


NAFCM Account usernames should be personalized to allow for easy identification of the user, such as through use of the user’s name or commonly attributed nickname or, for program-connected accounts, a geographic area, such as a city, district, or regional name.

Examples of Preferred Format:
User: John Doe. Username:  or
User: Woodbine Mediation Center. Username:

All NAFCM Account username requests will be individually approved by NAFCM staff. This approval will usually be completed within five business days unless otherwise notified. NAFCM staff will contact the member if there is an issue with the requested username.

Not all usernames may be available, including common or administrative words such as ‘admin,’ ‘help,’ and ‘mediator.’ Further restrictions may apply based on username availability and the professional discretion of NAFCM staff.


Personalized NAFCM Accounts provide access to a suite of Google products. As personalized NAFCM Accounts are provided using Google Apps, not all Google products otherwise available through personal Google Accounts may be available. You may review the current list of products available to Google Apps accounts. As new services become available on the Google Apps platform, NAFCM will regularly make them available to NAFCM Accounts using Google Apps’ Rapid Release Track.


Use of a personalized NAFCM Account is directly related to a NAFCM membership and, therefore, may directly influence others’ perceptions of NAFCM and its affiliates. As such, use of a NAFCM Account should conform with the professionalism connecting you to NAFCM, as well as strictly comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including the CAN-SPAM Act. Appropriate use also entails the maintenance of your account fidelity and adequate safeguards. If you have questions about whether any specific action may run afoul of these appropriate use expectations, please contact NAFCM.

Using a NAFCM Account inappropriately will result in its suspension and/or deletion subject to the discretion of NAFCM staff. If you suspect inappropriate use of a NAFCM Account, please notify NAFCM.


NAFCM Accounts may be suspended and/or deleted following a determination of inappropriate use as outlined above, or as part of a membership expiration as detailed below.

NAFCM Accounts will be suspended fifteen (15) days after the associated NAFCM membership has expired. After this time, access to all connected Google services and all data stored within the NAFCM Account will remain stored but will become inaccessible by the user. Following an account suspension, NAFCM Accounts will be permanently deleted 60 days after the associated NAFCM membership has expired. After this time, access to all connected Google services and all data stored within the NAFCM Account will be permanently deleted.

Prior to deletion, suspended accounts can be administratively re-activated following a completed membership renewal.

Following deletion, renewing members may create a new NAFCM Account, though previously stored data will no longer be available and prior usernames may no longer be available.


Data stored on your NAFCM Account can be downloaded and ported to another Google Account or alternative service using Google Takeout and related Data Liberation resources. NAFCM recommends all users utilize this service prior to an planned membership non-renewal. Continued access to data will be made available for as long as a member remains in current standing and complies with the related Terms of Service and appropriate use guidelines.


Google maintains an extensive and user-friendly network of support resources and interactive help centers to address every conceivable technical assistance issue you may confront while using your NAFCM Account. The direct web links to many of these services are listed below. Please rely primarily upon Google’s support resources for any technical assistance you may need, as NAFCM staff is unable to provide routine technical assistance with your NAFCM Account. If after thorough searching you are unable to find help with a problem connected with your NAFCM Account, please contact NAFCM staff. We appreciate your patience with such requests as we do not employ an IT administrator.

  Google Online Support Centers: Support for Common Tasks:
  Google Apps Support Center How to Change Your Password
  Gmail Support Center Forgot Your Password
  Google Calendar Support Center How to Forward Mail
  Google Documents Support Center
  Additional Google Products' Help Centers


While using a NAFCM Account, members are required to provide a secondary email address at which NAFCM may contact them should their NAFCM Account experience service issues, suspension, or pending deletion. NAFCM members may, however, choose to use their NAFCM Account as their preferred email address for all other membership-related communications.


Access to assigned NAFCM Accounts is strictly intended for the assigned member and should not be shared with others.

Access by NAFCM staff to an assigned NAFCM Account is limited to administrative service requests made in writing to from a member’s previously provided secondary email account and requires verbal membership verification prior to completion of the request.


Users assigned a NAFCM Account retain exclusively responsibility for any civil or criminal harm or legal liability arising from their use of their assigned account. The user agrees to hold NAFCM harmless in any dispute that may arise from the user’s use of their account.

If you suspect your account has been compromised, immediately utilize Google’s help service and notify NAFCM if subsequent assistance is required.

In accordance with our professional ethos, users agree to engage in mediation and/or other conciliatory processes to address any disputes that may arise between the user and NAFCM related to her/his use of a NAFCM Account.

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