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You can easily share your community mediation experience simply by leaving a voicemail.  Place a call to NAFCM's fully-automated testimonial hotline and we'll post your message online for all to hear.  Now, your neighbors down the street and around the world can listen in and learn from your positive experience with community mediation.  Sharing your  experience will help encourage others to seek help for their conflicts using the power of community mediation services.  Dial-in and make a difference today!



How It Works:
  • Prepare.  Read the information contained on this page to learn how to best craft your message.  This information will help ensure you leave a voicemail message that qualifies to be included on our website.  
  • Record.  Pick up the phone and dial: (707) 70-MED8D (706-3383).  You will have an opportunity to record a personal testimonial about your experience with community mediation.  Recordings must be no longer than three minutes.  
  • Listen.  Review and approve your message before you submit it.  Once you're pleased with the recording, it will be posted for our review.  If your message qualifies, it will be posted to our website within several days for all to hear.
  • Share.  You shared your experience for all hear.  Make sure they do!  Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and others to listen to your message on our website.  Be social: link this page to promote your message and encourage others today!

Things to Remember:
  • Be Anonymous.  Do not use your full name, your address, personally identifiable information of others involved in the conflict or mediation, or any other details about the mediation that should remain confidential or private.  Message that include these pieces of information cannot be posted to our website and will be permanently removed from our system.  
  • Be Yourself.  Share what's important to you.  Use your recording to tell us how your community mediation experience made a real difference in your life.  Whether its a closer relationship with a family member, a less stressful work atmosphere, a better quality of life for you and your neighbors, or similar positive outcome, make your message reflect your personal story.          
  • Be Specific.  Help others connect with your experience by including certain details.  In addition to your personal story, remember to include the name of the community mediation program at which you received services, your general location (e.g. Chicago, Illinois), and the type of conflict you had (e.g. family, friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc.).
  • Be Quick.  Our system only records messages for up to three minutes.  Recording will automatically stop after three minutes.  We will only choose to upload those messages that are three minutes or shorter in length, and are not able to upload multiple recordings that together comprise a single message.
  • Be Patient.  While your entire call will take as little as three minutes, your recording may not appear on our site for several days.  We will use this time to review your message to ensure it complies with our requirements for posting.  Revisit our site to listen to your message and continue sharing your positive community mediation with others.    

Fine Print:
  • This is a service provided by NAFCM to help increase awareness of community mediation and document the many positive impacts it makes for those who utilize its services.
  • This service is fully-automated.  During your recording, you will not have an opportunity to speak with a live person.
  • Please do not use this system to request assistance.  Messages left on this service are not monitored for requests for help, and any such request using this system will not receive a response.  If you need assistance, contact us
  • Not all messages left using this system will appear on our website.  Your message will be reviewed to ensure it complies with our posting requirements, does not compromise any potentially confidential information, and advances our intent to raise awareness of community mediation.
  • By making a recording using this system, you are providing NAFCM non-revocable permission to use your recording and/or its transcript at NAFCM's discretion and without any limitation.  You further acknowledge and certify you are at least 18 years old.   
  • This service is powered by Google Voice.  Standard rates may apply.
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