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Beginning in 2000, with funds provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, NAFCM’s mini-grants program distributedover $750,000 in amounts ranging from $220 to $12,000 to community mediation centers across the country. These grants were used to begin new programs, develop new and ground-breaking services, and even expand centers’ technological capacities. More than 200 centers received mini-grants. Please note: No grant cycles are scheduled at this time.

This page collects details from press releases announcing winners of NAFCM mini-grants from our former mini-grant program. Grant recipients are listed by grant year.

2005 Grant Recipients

Braided River Peace Project, Durango, CO was granted $3700 to continue their program development by increasing community awareness of the benefits of victim/offender dialogue, mediation programs, restorative justice, and peacekeeping circles.  BRPP will also increase the training and mentoring of volunteers including students and non-offender youth to be included in dialogue and circle processes.  

CDP Diversion & Mediation Services of Greenland, NH received $3,000 to expand their program’s parent and divorce mediation services by extending their services to provide these mediation services to those who would be unable to afford private sector fees.

Community Dispute Settlement Center, Cambridge, MA received $1000 to improve their technology system by installing new case management database software, as well as creating a more user-friendly website that will help CDSC provide up-to-date information and CDSC services.
Central Mediation Center, Kearney, NE was granted $1000 to purchase and sustain the use of an S40 3M Digital Projector to be used for professional presentations, training courses, and as a tool for outreach to build their volunteer mediator roster.

Community Mediation, Inc. New Haven, CT was granted $5000 for their proposal to form the Southern New England Community Mediation Training Collaborative with four community mediation centers –all NAFCM member centers- inorder to increase public awareness and knowledge about effective conflict resolution and mediation in bothConnecticut and Rhode Island.

Community Mediation Center – Natural Bridge, St. Louis, MO was awarded $5000 to fund the Peace Out program and curricula in an effort to decrease the potential for conflict in school and at home by educating parents and guardians about conflict resolution skills and principles, cooperative problem-solving approaches to discipline. This training is parallel effort designed to mirror the same skills that children are currently learning in school.    
Community Mediation Center of Southeast Virginia, Norfolk, VA was granted $5000 to work in collaboration with the Hampton Roads Committee of +200 Men towards the creation of Peace Champions: AYouth Violence Prevention Program. The program, run through Granby High School in Norfolk, seeks to mentor at-risk African American males age 13-19, to help foster stronger communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

Community Mediation Services, Inc. Brooklyn Center, MN, was given $2700 to provide restorative justice and mediator training to representatives of the Liberian community.  CMS will provide skills-based practice in schools, circles, and community mediation opportunities.  Trained mediators and circle-keepers will assist in the facilitation of a community-wide West-African symposium in Spring of 2006.    

Dispute Resolution Center, St. Paul, MN received $2400 for its Diversity Initiative, which will focus on the creation of a diverse panel of volunteer mediators and facilitators reflective of ethnic and cultural makeup of the St. Paulcommunity.

Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay Inc., Green Bay, WI received $4000 to foster a partnership, conduct outreach and education, and establish a mediation program with the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin in order to better serve the needs of the Hmong community in Green Bay.  The program, once established, aims to become a self-sufficient part of the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin.
Minnesota Association for Community Mediation Programs, Brooklyn Center, MN was awarded $4200 to advance a state collaboration project by taking steps to create qualify and effective service provision, as well as creating a model that can be used to help educate potential new funders, as well as sustain MACMP training efforts.    
Nebraska Justice Center, Fremont, NE was given $1000 to increase their technological capacity by obtaining a Static IP Address and updating the MADtrack casework database management system, thereby providing NJC satellite centers greater accuracy, security, and networking capabilities for greater effectiveness.

San Luis Valley Victim Offender Reconciliation Program, Alamosa, CO was provided with the sum of $3000 to upgrade and administer staff training in the use of a more customized ACCESS-based database software system.

Sioux City Indian Education Committee, Inc. Sioux City, IA was awarded $5000 for a startup mediation program based on traditional Native American values, to serve the communities of Siouxland, which includes northwestern Iowa northeastern Nebraska, and southeastern South Dakota.

The Mediation Center, Columbia, TN was granted $1000 to help procure Dell technology including a 2300 MP Projector and Dimension 3000 computer.  The new equipment will enhance training presentations at community organizations and schools in the Columbia area.
Victim Offender Mediation Reconciliation Program, Ukiah, CA was awarded $5000 to enhance the capacity of volunteer mediators (Tribal members) in conflict resolution and mediation, to expand more services to Native American and mixed-race communities throughout Mendocino County.

Washington Heights - Inwood Coalition, Inc. New York, NY received $3000 to help other community mediation centers nationwide to reach Latino communities and increase the number of Latino mediators through the creation of a 30-minute Spanish language video that explains non-adversarial dispute resolution, as well as the advantages and principles of mediation.

2004 Grant Recipients

Solve It! Community Mediation Service, Chandler, AZ was granted $3,070 to expand outreach and build the capacity of volunteer mediators by providing community mediation training sessions to municipal staff and interested community members.

Centinela Youth Services, Hawthorne, CA received $5,000 to help sustain their Bright Futures Program that teaches conflict resolution and mediation skills as well as offering homework assistance, tutoring, character development workshops, and resource referrals to at-risk and high-risk students in Los Angeles.

Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center, Los Angeles, CA received $5,000 to implement a Senior Mediation Program that would assist seniors –from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities—in addressing and resolving disputes specific to their needs.

San Luis Valley VORP, Alamosa, CO was awarded $5,000 for the expansion and sustainability of a parent-teen mediation service that provides services to six counties.

Community Mediation Center of New Britain, New Britain, CT was awarded a start-up grant of $4,096 to provide city-wide mediation services, including funding for office equipment, continuing education for mediators, and other volunteer support.

Cape Cod Dispute Resolution Center, Orleans, MA received a $1,500 Professional Development and Organizational Effectiveness grant to send staff to the First National Conference on Transformative Mediation in Philadelphia, PA in November, 2004.

The Mediation Center, Lincoln, NE was granted $5,000 to develop a Family Conferencing for Elders program.  The program will assist families to dialogue, problem-solve and make decisions on issues related to aging.

Dispute Resolution Center of Herkimer County, Ilion, NY was awarded a $500 technology grant to assist in the purchase of new, more reliable computer system that would better fit the needs of the center.

Resolution Center of Jefferson and Lewis Counties, Watertown, NY received a technology grant of $750 to update their website and establish in-house ability to maintain current information.

The Mediation Center, Asheville, NC was granted $1,000 to upgrade their computer system and $2,000 to host a one-day mediation seminar, featuring Dr. Bernard Mayer, for all the community mediation programs in North Carolinaand the general community.

Conflict Resolution Center, Morganton, NC received $750 for website development and $2,670 for staff to attend "Beyond Diversity” training and conduct community workshops that will increase knowledge of diversity and cultural awareness issues in the center and the community.

Townhall II, Kent, OH was granted $895 for the Mediation Coordinator to attend a 40-hour Divorce Mediation Training in order to increase the center’s capacity to respond to requests for service and supplement its Children in the Middle program.

Conflict Resolution Center of the West Shore, Westlake, OH was awarded $2,000 for planning, developing and implementing a strategic plan in order to assess and enhance the organization’s service in light of the community’s needs.

Linn-Benton Mediation Services, Albany, OR received a $2,500 grant to assist in the successful merger, development and expansion of two centers in order to serve two counties.

Your Community Mediators of Yamhill County, McMinnville, OR received a $1,000 technology grant to assist in the purchase of a laptop computer and PowerPoint projector.  The computer and projector will enhance presentations and overall public relations.

Mediation Works, Medford, OR was granted a $2,000 Quality Assurance grant to implement its Becoming a Master Mediator pilot program in which mediators are coached through three stages: Mediator Intern, the Lead Mediator and Senior Mediator in order to assess mediator core skills and knowledge.

Pittsburgh Mediation Center, Pittsburgh, PA received $5,000 to develop a restorative justice pilot project in a school district in southwestern Pennsylvania, thus providing meaningful alternatives for addressing the impacts of youth violence, minor crime and victimization of others with minimal involvement of the police, courts, or juvenile justice system.

Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, Nashville, TN was awarded $5,000 for the development and implementation of a cross-cultural conflict resolution and dialogue curriculum in order to reduce altercations between the Latino community and police.

Mediation Center of Waukesha County, Waukesha, WI was granted $2,000 in the area of professional development and organizational effectiveness to help cover the costs of sending two staff members to the Association for Conflict Resolution conference in Minneapolis, MN in September 2005.

West Hawaii Mediation Center, Kamuela, HI received $2,000 to send staff to a training on victim/offender dialogue in cases involving severe violence.  The training will increase the center’s ability to facilitate victim/offender dialogue.

Community Mediation Center,Portland, ME was awarded a grant in the amount of $4,930 to promote diversity and social justice by: raising the level of visibility and awareness of dispute resolution options among service providers to the elderly population; increase referrals of elderly clients; and provide specialized training for mediators.

Community Mediation Program, Baltimore, MD received two grants. In the diversity and social justice category, CMP received $4,000 to create a bilingual mediation project, working with leaders of the Latino community.  A technology grant of $1,000 was awarded to establish a computer network, upgrade computer systems and software and update their website.

Berkshire Mediation Services, Pittsfield, MA was awarded a $1,000 technology grant to fund expanded internet access with web-site development and support services.

Minneapolis Mediation Program, Minneapolis, MN was granted $2,500 to reach out to the legal profession to educate them about MMP’s civil mediation services, increase referrals, and build a fee-based caseload.  

St. Louis Mennonite Peace Center, St. Louis, MO was awarded a $5,000 grant to improve the center's effectiveness in the JeffVanderLou neighborhood of St. Louis.  Goals include: increasing the number of African American mediators; offering conflict resolution training to prepare volunteers for working as community mediators; and providing a stipend for low-income volunteers.

Mediation Center of Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, NY was granted $1,794 to help cover the costs of a comprehensive strategic planning process that will create a vision, re-evaluate mission and values, identify priorities and goals, and develop specific measurable objectives for the center.

Community Mediation Center,Knoxville, TN received $4,625 to expand its peer mediation program.  The grant will fund materials and other costs for peer mediation training, refresher workshops, summer camp, Mediation Fest, student council retreat, and role-play marathon.  The program targets low income school zones in Knox county.

Youth Conflict Resolution Center,Dallas, TX received $5000 for a start-up community mediation center whose primary mission is to provide children and young adults with an understanding of how conflict resolution can be incorporated into all aspects of their lives.

Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County,Olympia, WA was awarded $1,650 to increase the center's capacity to function effectively by enhancing the proficiency, as well as instituting performance-evaluating mechanisms for the board of directors.

Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic,Spokane, WA received $5,000 to initiate the use of mediation as an alternative to the Tribal judicial system in the larger Native American community of Eastern Washington through training, outreach and community partnerships.

2003 Grant Recipients

Humboldt Mediation Services, Eureka, CA received $4,025 to expand its training program to provide Basic Communication and Conflict Management workshops to community organizations and groups in Humboldt County,California.

Community Non-Violence Resource Center, Pasadena, CA was awarded $4,000 to help pilot a school-based community mediation center at Blair High School in the Pasadena Unified School District.  The center hopes to bridge the artificial divide that often exists between school-based conflicts and community conflicts.

Community Boards, San Francisco, CA was granted $2,000 to develop and present mediation training for persons with disabilities and small business owners in San Francisco.

Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program, Ukiah, CA received $5,000 to serve the isolated Round Valley community, including a large Native American population.  Volunteer mediation training, early intervention in schools, and restorative justice are projected objectives.

Braided River Peace Project, Durango, CO was awarded a start-up grant of $2,873 for recruitment and training of volunteer mediators.

The Resolution Center, Grand Junction, CO received a start-up grant of $5,000 to recruit and train volunteer mediators and to establish operational procedures.

Dispute Settlement Center, Inc., Norwalk, CT was granted $4,250 to expand its programs to the mentally disabled and/or psychiatrically labeled to create a more accessible and understandable justice system to those individuals. The grant will also be used to help train caregivers in group homes to more effectively deal with conflicts between residents.

Community Dispute Settlement Center, Cambridge, MA received $3,400 to develop an elder care mediation program to serve the needs of the low and moderate-income seniors and their families.

Community Mediation Center, Independence, MO was granted $2,540 to allow staff to attend training in divorce mediation and increase capacity by developing a data tracking system and web site.

Mediation Network Association, Kansas City, MO received a start-up grant of $5,000 to establish the mediation center and provide ongoing services.

ACCORD:  A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc., Binghamton, NY received a technology grant of $500 to purchase and install a computer backup system and a virus protection system.

Westchester Mediation Center of CLUSTER, Yonkers, NY received $3,100 to provide Family Group Conferencing to assist young persons’ integration back into their families and communities after incarceration.  

Resolutions Northwest, Portland OR was granted $1,750 for LINKS statewide center   association.  Funds will be used to train and organize centers to advocate for continued state funding to support community dispute resolution centers in Oregon.  LINKS will also create a centralized mechanism for addressing issues shared by centers across the state.

Mediation and Settlement Center, Montesano, WA was awarded a technology minigrant of $500 towards the purchase of a desktop computer and a LaserJet printer

Okanogan County Dispute Resolution Center, Omak WA received $4,500 to design and implement a pilot Juvenile Restorative Justice program in Okanogan County.

Community Mediation Services, Newfoundland, Canada was granted $2,500 to raise community awareness of non-violent, non-adversarial methods of conflict resolution through presentations and a media campaign.

Center for Mediation and Community Dialogue, Kenai, AK was awarded a start-up grant of $5,000 to pay for case management software, outreach materials, and a part-time Volunteer Coordinator to build referrals, conduct intake, support volunteer mediators, and assist with fund raising.

Center for Human Development / Conflict Resolution Panels, Pleasant Hill, CA was granted $710 to continue outreach into the Spanish-speaking community with development of Spanish language promotional materials.

Mediation Services of Maui, Wailuku, HI received a Technology grant of $1,000 for website maintenance, database software upgrade and computer networking.

Indiana Network for Community Mediation, Richmond, IN was awarded $4,170 for a statewide collaborative project to produce public information videos specific to local centers.

Penquis Dispute Resolution Center, Bangor, ME received $4,807 to develop and pilot a Victim Offender Conferencing program.

The Mediation and Training Collaborative, Greenfield, MA was awarded $4,499 for provision of mediation and training in conflict resolution and facilitation skills to town administrative staff, elected and appointed officials and active citizens.

Dispute Resolution Center of Central Michigan, Lansing, MI was granted $5,000 to provide conflict resolution and peer mediation skills training to "at risk” students in four middle schools.

Community Diversion Program, Greenland, NH received $2,150 to incorporate co-parenting mediation services in their program.

Dispute Settlement Center, Buffalo, NY was awarded $2,100 to implement a mentoring and coaching program for volunteer mediators.

The Mediation Network of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC was awarded $5,000 for a statewide project to design and implement a rating system to ensure effectiveness and high quality services of mediation centers.

Community Mediation Center of Cape Fear, Inc., Wilmington, NC received $3,723 to design and implement a Public Decisions Program that will assist with zoning and land use decision making.

The Conflict Resolution Center at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND was awarded $4,870 to provide refresher mediation training to residents of the Rosebud Sioux Reservation and to facilitate decision making for the implementation of a mediation program within the Peace Court/Tribal Court.

Mediation Services of Linn County, Albany, OR received $3,930 to provide conflict management and peer mediation training in high schools.

Center for Alternatives in Community Justice, State College, PA was awarded a technology grant of $846 for the purchase of a laptop computer to assist in their court mediation program.

Hill Country Alternative Dispute Resolution Center, Inc., Kerrville, TX received a
start-up grant of $1,590 for family mediation training and travel related to community education.

Conflict Resolution Center, Roanoke, VA received $2,000 to support a newly formed community mediation program in the areas of board development; strategic planning; articles of incorporation and bylaws; achieving 501(c)(3) status; and case management procedures.

2002 Grant Recipients

Centinela Valley Juvenile Diversion Project, Hawthorne, CA was awarded $5,000 in for the Mediation Assistance for Young Adults (MAYA) program that provides mediation for teen parents and both sets of grandparents.  Teen parents are also enrolled in parenting classes that help to give them the skills for parenting, offer referrals for jobs, child care, tutoring, health care and other social services.

Conflict Resolution Panels, Center for Human Development, Pleasant Hill, CAwas granted $3,900 recruit and train bilingual mediators who will assist in adapting the community mediation process to better serve the Spanish-speaking community. Funds will also be used to develop Spanish language promotional materials.

Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County, Soquel, CA received $2,500 to develop a long-term plan for service to the low-income and Spanish-speaking community, reviewing the Center’s past successes and challenges; identifying and soliciting suggestions from the program’s outreach, education, and fund development plan.

City of Fort Collins Community Mediation Program, Fort Collins, CO was granted $3,300 to build and maintain alliances with local Latino-serving agencies by conducting educational presentations; recruit bilingual volunteer mediators; provide translated material to the Spanish-speaking community; outreach to neighborhood groups; evaluate and restructure the program to better serve the Spanish-speaking community.

West Hawaii Mediation Center, Kamuela, HI was awarded $2,869 for the purchase of a laptop computer, powerpoint presentation projector and a six-panel showboard for community outreach and education.

Kauai Economic Opportunity, Inc., Lihue, HI received $3,721 for the provision of divorce mediation training in order to more effectively provide future services and to reduce the chance of mediator burn-out.

Community Mediation Services, Augusta, ME received a grant of $4,688 to provide mediation training to members of Somali and Franco-American communities.  Trainees will then serve as mediators and assist in cross-cultural conflicts between the two groups.

Framingham Court Mediation Services, Inc., Framingham, MA was awarded $4,260 to facilitate a Community Summit that addresses tensions and post-9/11 needs. The Summit is based on the study circle model which strives to promote democracy at every level and improve the quality of life through inclusion, diversity and dialogue.

Minneapolis Mediation Program, Minneapolis, MN was granted $735 for nonprofit management classes in order to boost the center’s potential for fundraising and grant writing.

Community Mediation Center, Bozeman, MT was awarded $1,980 to train volunteer mediators as conflict resolution trainers.  New trainers will then conduct basic conflict resolution/communication workshops for local government, Montana State University and local non-profits.

Lakewood Community Mediation Center, Inc., Lakewood, NJ received a $2,500 start-up grant for staff support to generate awareness of the program and build alliances and support for the program.

Tri-County Mediation Center, Amsterdam, NY received a $2,600 grant for expanding their "Latinos en Mediacion” program by offering advanced cultural and specialized training to current mediators and staff.

Center for Resolutions, Media, PA was granted $3,000 to help establish a program to teach non-profit and community board of directors principled negotiation methods in order to sustain community relationships and work more effectively.

Tennessee Council for the Advancement of Mediation Programs, Crossville, TN was awarded $5,000 to establish and strengthen a statewide community mediation association and broaden the scope of funding, marketing, and public education in the state.

Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, Nashville, TN received a grant of $4,000 for expansion of their New Americans Mediation Program that provides mediation services to underserved communities.   The program seeks to expand the General Sessions Court Mediation Program to include immigrant populations (specifically Spanish speakers) by creating and distributing bilingual pamphlets and by hiring a bilingual Program Director.

Try Mediation, Inc., Eau Claire, WI was awarded $1,130 for developing an informative video on the benefits of mediation in small claims cases.

Coulee Region Mediation and Restorative Justice, Ltd., La Crosse, WI was granted $1,000 to send 4 people to the Wisconsin Association of Mediators Conference in order to enhance mediator skills and build a more effective community mediation service.

Mosaica: Research Center for Religion, Society and State, Jerusalem, Israelreceived a $3,000 start-up grant to provide citywide mediation services and to implement a pilot neighborhood mediation program.

Juneau Community Mediation Center, Juneau, AK was awarded $3,800 for two projects.  In the professional development category, funds will be used to attend the Victim Offender Mediation Association conference.  For program development, conflict resolution, diversity, and communication skills will be taught to students at a school in an isolated area of Alaska.

Community Mediation Center of South Arkansas, Magnolia, AR was granted a start up minigrant of $4,300 to purchase a computer, to provide volunteer training, for communications and for the center’s IRS filing fee.

Mediation Center of the Pacific, Inc., Honolulu, HI received $2,000 for the expansion of a statewide special education mediation program that will include all six community mediation centers in Hawaii, the Hawaii State Department of Education, Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii, and the Department of Health Early Childhood Prevention Program.

Conflict Resolution Center, Inc., Richmond, IN was granted $4,466 for development of a Public Housing Mediation program.  The program will offer residents mediation services, conflict resolution and mediation training, and develop study circles on racism in partnership with Community Builders.   

Chester Valley Community Mediation Services, Chestertown, MD was awarded $2,500 for training in conflict prevention and resolution to high school students, teachers and parents.  The program will expand on an already existing peer mediation program and will help teens and parents to prepare for a new parent/teen mediation service.

Washington County Community Mediation Center, Keedysville, MD received a start up minigrant of $3,000 to purchase supplies, for outreach and for the center’s IRS filing fee.

Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Silver Spring, MD was granted $4,000 to provide conflict resolution skills workshops and training for leaders and individuals in three low-income communities.  The workshops will build capacity in these communities, enabling leaders and residents to resolve and reduce conflicts.

Mediation Services for Anoka County, Coon Rapids, MN received $2,000 for a six-month anger management pilot program.  The program will consist of 12 Peace Alternatives classes that provide tools and skills for 10-16 year-olds to recognize triggers for anger and reduce the likelihood of violence.

Cheshire Mediation, Keene, NH was awarded a $500 technology grant to hire a consultant to redesign their website in order to make it more professional, accessible, and cost efficient.  

Community Mediation Services, Inc., Atlantic City, NJ received a $990 technology grant for the purchase of computer software, network cards, and a printer to improve center services.

Mediation Services of New Mexico, Inc., Corrales, NM was granted $3,000 for case management of mediation services in an alternative high school and training for teachers and high-risk students in non-violent communication, anger management and conflict resolution.

Common Ground Dispute Resolution, Inc., Catskill, NY received a $625 technology award to complete an internal networking system and hire a consultant to design and maintain its website.

Peacemaker Program, Inc., Utica, NY was awarded $4,962 for the development of its Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) mediation program, partnering with Oneida County Probation, Oneida County Family Court and local schools.

Community Mediation Center of Stark County, Canton, OH received a $5,000 start up minigrant for case management and accounting software, training, outreach, and to provide a stipend for a local college intern.

Community Mediation Services of Southern Ohio, Lebanon, OH received a start-up grant of $2,310 to increase organizational capacity, using funds for printing, advertising, and a website.    

Community Dispute Resolution Program, Bend, OR was awarded $3,080 to develop an eight week conflict resolution skills program for incarcerated youths. The program’s focus is to provide skills that enable youth to reduce and resolve conflict in their lives and to give them an opportunity to reintegrate into the community.

Upstate Community Mediation Center, Greenville, SC received a minigrant of $2,500 to establish the first victim-offender mediation program in South Carolina.  The grant will help pay for brochures, training and administrative costs.

2001 Grant Recipients

Start Up Minigrants

Resident Mediation Program, Baltimore, MD was awarded a start up minigrant of $10,000 for expansion of staff, program development and outreach that will diversify and increase the accessibility of the center’s services.   

Community Mediation Center, St. Mary’s County, Leonardtown, MD was awarded $8,700 for outreach and training to accelerate the pace of community awareness of mediation and empower less-advantaged neighborhoods.
Community Mediation Center, Independence, MO received $10,750 for expansion and development of the center’s role in the community and to increase the center’s capacity and diversity for service

Community Dispute Resolution Center of Missoula County, Missoula, MT was awarded $9,400 for the establishment of a satellite office for mediation on the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Flathead Reservation.  The curriculum entails developing culturally appropriate dispute resolution services and opportunities for collaborative conflict resolution approaches to cross-cultural issues.

EAC, Inc. Community Mediation Center, Hempstead, NY received a minigrant of $6,000 to develop a satellite program that will provide mediation services to areas that are in need.

The Rose Center, Scranton, PA was awarded $7,500 to help fund a start-up program that will both maintain collaborative partnerships with other organizations and look for ways to build new relationships in the community.

Mediation Services of Putnam County, Cookeville, TN received a minigrant of $8,408 for start-up services to rural areas.  The services entail training volunteers, outreach to promote volunteer participation, and expansion of referral services.

New River Valley Conflict Transformation Center, Blacksburg, VA was granted $12,000 for the development and establishment of a new center.  The grant will be used to organize trainings, recruit volunteers, increase public awareness, develop collaborative relationships, and expand referrals.

State Collaboration Minigrants

Minnesota Association of Community Mediation Programs was awarded $7,900 for a collaborative publication project that will assess and describe the impact of 20 years of community mediation in the state of Minnesota. The grant will also assist in the development of funding strategies and the promotion of community mediation.

Nebraska Mediation Center Association received $10,500 to enhance the capacity of the association to support and advocate for local community mediation centers by creating a business plan and reviewing and revising Nebraska’s Basic Mediation and family training curriculum.

New Hampshire Mediation Program, Inc., Concord, NH was granted $9,300 to develop a statewide community mediation association, increase public awareness and usage of community mediation programs and to monitor and promote legislation.

New York State Dispute Resolution Association received $9,000 to develop a website that will help expand and enhance capacity of the association.  Grant money will help to provide tools and advanced technology for improving communication between dispute resolution centers, others in the dispute resolution field and the public.

Dayton Mediation Center, Dayton, OH received a minigrant of $9,000 to formalize an association of community mediation centers.  This association will provide consistency to the statewide network that will enable centers to share information, training and best practices and influence policy.

Montgomery County Mediation Center, Norristown, PA was awarded $5,500 for a statewide collaboration project that will provide mediation training in issues dealing with elder care and adult guardianship.  The project will seek to build coalitions with referral agencies, educate the community about mediation and encourage involvement of senior citizen mediators.

Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution was granted $8,500 to formalize and strengthen the community mediation center network through incorporation, promotion, statewide training workshops, building relationships with local and state agencies, and identifying contacts and public dispute issues.

Association of Washington State Dispute Resolution Centers received $10,000 for a marketing campaign that is aimed at increasing visibility and funding for community mediation across the state.

Standard Minigrants

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, San Mateo, CA received $4,400 for the development and expansion of a Parent-Teen Mediation Program.  The grant will enable the program to tailor interventions to meet specific needs of families and will also help to expand into other systems (Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Dependency).

Community Mediation Center, New Haven, CT received a minigrant of $4,000 to develop a Child and Family Mediation Program that will provide free mediation services to low-income families involved in divorce or separation.

Dispute Settlement Center, Norwalk, CT was awarded a technology minigrant of $914.  The grant will enable the center to purchase a computer that will allow for more reliable and expeditious service as well as a tracking system that meets the changing needs of the program.

Transformation House, Inc., Lexington, KY received a technology minigrant of $1,000 toward a copy machine.
Berkshire Mediation Services, Pittsfield, MA received a technology minigrant of $1000 for the purchase of a computer.  The computer will help for the distribution of information on mediation services, development of training materials and access to funding resources.

Rice County Dispute Resolution Program, Northfield, MN was awarded $5,000 for expansion and improvement of service in the Hispanic community.  The grant will enable the center to provide training on issues of cultural diversity, recruit Spanish-speaking volunteers, and promote services through print, radio, and public presentations.

Community Mediation Center, Bozeman, MT was awarded a technology minigrant of $450 for the purchase of and training in software that will provide more efficient management of information, increase capacity for client contact and improve fundraising.

Community Dispute Resolution Center, Ithaca, NY received $2,000 for the transition into a transformative practice.  The grant will enable the center to train, educate, coach and evaluate through videotaping of the transformative process.

Ulster-Sullivan Mediation, Inc., Kingston, NY received a program development minigrant of $1,615 to build the center’s capacity of organization in the Latino community by recruiting and training Spanish speakers in mediation and partnering with Healthy Start’s network of Latino outreach.

Washington Heights-Inwood Coalition, Inc., New York, NY was granted $2,000 for revising and republishing their current Spanish language mediator training manual and translating English language materials into Spanish.

Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio, Columbus, OH was awarded $2,000 for consultation and training services that will enable staff and volunteers to develop and generate more funding strategies.

Dispute Resolutions, Clatsop Community College, Astoria, OR was awarded $2,676 for technology and professional development. The grant will help to buy tracking software and provide training to both staff and volunteers.

Yamhill County Mediators, McMinnville, OR was granted $4,000 for expansion into Hispanic communities.  The grant will help to translate printed materials into Spanish, recruit and train volunteers, alter current dispute resolution methods to become more culturally appropriate to the Hispanic community and promote services.

Mediation Works, Medford, OR received $2,141 for developing four 30-second public service television announcements for the purpose of educating the community of the benefits and availability of services.

Bay Area Mediation Services, North Bend, OR was awarded a technology minigrant of $1,000 to develop a website that will serve to link community services and educate the public about alternative dispute resolution.

Resolutions Northwest, Portland, OR received $2,613 for building organizational capacity in Latino communities. The grant serves to increase the pool of bilingual mediators and volunteers, increase referrals and awareness in Latino communities and provide culturally appropriate services.

Community Mediation Center, Columbia, SC was awarded a $650 technology grant to purchase financial software that allows for distribution of work to become more efficient and productive.

Mediation Works, Nashville, TN was granted $4,000 to conduct trainings for staff members from 21 community recreation centers on issues involving diversity and tolerance.  Trainings are geared toward defusing conflict between juveniles and decreasing ethnic tensions that exist in the community.

Community Mediation Services, Oak Ridge, TN received $2,096 for program development.  The program entails high school students teaching conflict resolution skills and anger management to elementary students and mediating conflicts in the elementary school.

Dispute Mediation Service, Inc., Dallas, TX was awarded $4,100 for a communication/conflict resolution after-school program focused toward youth ages 6-16.  The program includes peer mediation, role playing, conflict resolution skill building, communication games and open forums with parents.  Parents will also be offered conflict resolution training

Community Mediation Center, Harrisonburg, VA received $2,000 to assist in the expansion of a truancy mediation program.  Education and outreach of program will be done through seminars, distribution of training materials, networking with the personnel, advertising, and publicity.

Dispute Settlement Center, Norfolk, VA was awarded $1,556 for a community policing program.  Partnering with local police agencies will provide early access for community members to resolve disputes through mediation prior to court action.

Coastal Dispute Resolution Center, Montesano, WA received $1,300 for the purchase of a laptop and printer that will enable mediators to draft and send out agreements more expeditiously.

King County Dispute Resolution Center, Seattle, WA was awarded a technology minigrant of $1,000 to  train staff on new computer technology that will provide for a more efficient system.

Community Mediation Services, Vancouver, WA was awarded $4,000 for community conferencing training. Training will enable volunteer mediators and staff to better facilitate large-group conflicts through a transformational process.

First, Second, Third and Fourth Round Grantees September 2000, December 2000, March 2001, September 2001

Montgomery County Dispute Resolution Program, Montgomery, AL was awarded a minigrant of $2,700. Under the program development focus area, the center received $1,700 to provide a peer mediation training. They also received $1,000 to purchase case management software and to support some costs of a web page.

Berkeley Dispute Resolution Service (BDRS), Berkeley, CA was awarded $4,000 to support a three-day advanced facilitation workshop that will increase the center’s capacity to provide facilitation services for multi-party disputes. BDRS will recruit youth, police, and people of color to serve as facilitators for the multi-party work they do.

Mediation Center of the North Valley, Chico, CA received $3,500 to establish a Parent Teen Mediation Program, including development of a curriculum, manual, and case management protocols and procedures.

Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center, Los Angeles, CA was awarded a technology minigrant of $1,000. The grant will enable the center to create a website and provide mediators with access to e-mail. The center was also awarded $3,000 to expand outreach to the Los Angeles South Asian community, in partnership with the South Asian Network.

Conciliation Forums of Oakland, CA, received $4,500 to support parents and teens in reducing and resolving conflict through the formation of a Parent and Teens Support Group. The two groups will meet separately and hold joint sessions to work toward conflict reduction within families.

San Diego Mediation Center, San Diego, CA received a minigrant of $2,000 under the program development and diversity and social justice focus areas. The center will expand its parent-teen mediation program to a local high school for homeless teens.

Community Boards of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA received a technology minigrant of $990 help purchase a laptop for its Schools Program that works more than 100 schools throughout the United States, Latin America, and Spain.

Community Mediation Program, Santa Barbara, CA received a minigrant of $2,923 to build a partnership with corrections institutions and other community-based organizations to offer appropriate life skills (communication, conflict resolution, problem solving) to young inmates before they are released back into the community.

RECOURSE, Santa Rosa, CA, received $4,500 to fund a conflict resolution program for 8th and 9th graders at a school for at-risk students. The curriculum includes diversity, communication, anger management, and conflict resolution skills building. The objective of the program is to measurably lower the suspensions for fighting and class disruptions of these students while increasing their capacity for conflict resolution, understanding diversity, and effective communication.

Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, Ventura, CA received $3,500 to fund a project that will create bilingual program materials in an effort to reach the 40% Latino community in Ventura County.

Community Mediation, Inc, New Haven, CT was awarded a technology minigrant of $1,000. This grant will pay for networking hardware to implement an agency-wide computerized Mediation Case Management Project.

Dispute Settlement Center, Norwalk, CT received $3,500 for program development. The grant will support the center’s growing pre-arrest mediation pilot program, partnering with the Norwalk Police Department.

Neighborhood Justice Center, Tampa, FL received a grant of $2,500 under the program development focus area. The grant will support the center’s efforts to expand the training component of their Truancy Mediation Program.

Mediation Center of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI received a grant of $3,000 to help support and expand a statewide civil rights mediation program, including training for staff of the six regional mediation centers in Hawaii.

Mediation Center of Molokai, Molokai, HI received a grant of $5,000 to fund staff for the Ohana Project, which teaches traditional Hawaiian values to 4th graders and staff for the Malama Molokai Project, which implements a Domestic Violence Prevention Task Force. The two projects combine to provide a consistent, collaborative violence prevention program that reaches from children to elders.

Mediation Service of Maui, Wailuku, HI received a grant of $2,000. The grant will be used to create a small business mediation program and to partner with the Hawaii Small Business Development Network to reach the underserved business population.

Citizens for Community Justice, Bloomington, IN received a grant of $5,000 to develop its Community Conflict Resolution Program through training, advocacy, and public education.

Mediation Services of Tippecanoe County, Lafayette, IN received a grant of $3,500 for its Juvenile Shoplifting Offenders Program, a four-week, mentor-driven program for first time juvenile offenders.

Education for Conflict Resolution, Inc., North Manchester, IN received a grant of $3,600 for its Juvenile Shoplifting Offenders Program that enables first time juvenile offenders to restore themselves to the victim, family, and community.

The Dispute Resolution Center for the Wabash Valley, Inc, Terre Haute, INreceived a grant of $1,700. The grant will be used to expand the center’s pilot divorce mediation project.

Community Mediation Center of Family Resources, Davenport, IA received a grant of $2,500 to provide training scholarships for minority community members to attend basic mediation training.

Just Solutions, Louisville, KY was awarded $4,000 under the diversity and social justice focus area. The goal of this project is to plan for the establishment of conflict resolution activities in the African American community through training and establishing crucial links with important community organizations.

Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center, Annapolis, MD received a technology minigrant of $985. The grant will enable the center to complete its web site and strengthen outreach efforts to the community.

Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Silver Spring, MD was awarded $1,000 to purchase case management software and technical support.

Takoma Park Mediation Program, Takoma Park, MD was awarded $1,000. This grant will allow the center to purchase its first computer and thus improve the day-to-day operations of the center.

Quabbin Mediation, Athol, MA, received $3,000 to provide monthly seminars for peer mediators in the middle and high schools. The seminars will provide the diverse group of peer mediators with advanced mediation training and strengthen the ties between school mediation programs and the community mediation center.

Community Dispute Settlement Center, Cambridge, MA, received $3,275 to design and deliver an Advanced Training for Parent/Child Mediation as well as to establish a new collaborative partnership with the Cambridge Juvenile Court. The center was also awarded $1,475 to fund a training on gay/lesbian issues in mediation to enable mediators and the center to better serve the needs of the gay community.

Cape Cod Dispute Resolution Center, Orleans, MA received a grant of $2,000 under the professional development and organizational effectiveness focus area. The grant will enable one staff member and one volunteer to receive grant writing training and to create a grant application package for the center.

Dispute Resolution Center of Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, MI was awarded $2,500 to provide mediation services to incarcerated mothers and their children. The project focuses on providing a stable placement while the mother is incarcerated.

Oakland Mediation Center, Bloomfield Hills, MI received $2,400 to collaborate with the City of Novi to design a citywide dispute resolution program and awareness campaign. The project will construct a model to integrate mediation and dispute resolution within institutional structures.

Northern Community Mediation, Charlevoix, MI received $1,270 to purchase a lap top computer and overhead projector.

Dispute Resolution Center of Western Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI, was awarded $4,000 to assist in the preparation of publishing and national distribution of Speaking the Same Language: A Complete Implementation Guide to Embedding Conflict Resolution Skills in Head Start Programs.

North Hennepin Mediation Program, Brooklyn Center, MN, received a grant of $2,300 to create a Volunteer Mediation Speakers Bureau, which would be a self-sustaining initiative to expand and broaden its service and outreach.

Mediation Services for Anoka County, Coon Rapids, MN, received a grant of $3,000 to support the center’s participation with other community partnering agencies in a series of training workshops called "Rent Wise.” Tenants will learn conflict resolution skills, money management, and other pertinent skills.

Peaceful Solutions, Fergus Falls, MN received a $2,000 minigrant award. This grant will allow the center to educate police and community members about restorative justice and community mediation and train law enforcement personnel and community members to be volunteer mediators.

Minneapolis Mediation Center, Minneapolis, MN was awarded a technology minigrant of $510 to purchase case management software and technical support.

Dispute Resolution Center, St. Paul, MN was awarded a technology minigrant of $1,000. The center will expand its web site and provide an e-mail communication system for volunteers. Staff will attend internet technology classes.

Community Mediation Center, Bozeman, MT received $4,500 to assist the center in partnering with the city of Bozeman to design a land-use facilitation/mediation program. This project will extend the mediation service area and provide valuable education on the principles of mediation to city officials.

Nebraska Mediation Center Association, Beatrice, NE was awarded $3,000 to support the effort to establish a biennial regional mediation conference in America’s heartland. The conference will take place in April 2001.

Fremont Area Mediation, Fremont, NE, a satellite office of the Nebraska Justice Center, Walthill, NE was awarded $5,000 to increase access to parent mediation for divorcing couples by developing a model court rule that integrates mediation into the community’s legal and human service system.

Central Mediation Center, Kearney, NE was awarded $936 to enable staff to attend the NAFCM Regional Training Institute, "Developing and Managing Mediation Centers of your Community.”

The Mediation Center, Lincoln, NE received $1,760 under the professional development and organizational effectiveness focus area. Funds will be used to send staff to a Grantsmanship Training Program.

Cheshire Mediation, Keene, NH, was awarded $4,482 to implement a pilot truancy mediation project. The program will help truant and at-risk youth develop individualized plans for continuing their education and to secure the necessary resources and support to help these young people.

Tri-County Mediation Center, Amsterdam, NY, received $4,300 to support their Latino en Mediacion program. The grant will enable the center to conduct a mediation training that is conscious of the cultural aspects of mediation as they differ in the dominant community and the Latino community, thus enabling the center to continue providing mediation that reflects the diversity of the community.

ACCORD, Binghamton, NY received $801 under the professional development and organizational effectiveness focus area. Funds will be used to provide certain staff members with computer training.

Dispute Settlement Center, Buffalo, NY received $2,000 under the Quality Assurance focus area. The funds will be used to purchase televisions, VCRs, and video cameras for use in the Mediator Apprenticeship Program and for ongoing skills development training for experienced mediators.

Dispute Resolution Center of Orange & Putnam Counties, Goshen, NY, was awarded $2,000 under the Quality Assurance focus area. The grant will enable the center to improve mediation skills through assessment of volunteer performance, training needs evaluation, designing advanced mediation training, and surveying client satisfaction.

Ulster Sullivan Mediation, Inc., Kingston, NY was awarded technology minigrants of $1,000 twice. The funds will be used to purchase computers for two separate locations and thus improve the operations of the center, especially through mediation case tracking, database software and internet access.

Washington Heights Inwood Coalition, New York, NY was awarded $3,000 to promote diversity and social justice by improving police/community relations in Manhattan north of 155th Street. The project will include joint police/community meetings and a public celebration of positive police/community relations.

Mediation Services, Inc., Oneonta, NY was awarded $1,000 for assistance with its professional development and organizational effectiveness. The center’s service coordinators will develop, document, and upgrade best practices in case management and service coordination, producing a service coordinator manual.

Westchester Mediation Center of CLUSTER, Yonkers, NY was awarded $2,500 to subsidize a training for bilingual (Spanish-English) volunteer mediators.

The Mediation Center, Asheville, NC received $2,450 under the program development and diversity and social justice focus areas. The center will outreach to the low wealth community by providing training and on-site mediation services at the NAACP Empowerment Center.

Blue Ridge Dispute Settlement Center, Boone, NC, received $4,000 to implement and early intervention Truancy Mediation Program to meet the needs of at-risk youth, their families, the schools system, and the courts.

Mountain Dispute Settlement Center, Bryson City, NC, received $5,000 to expand its specialized mediation and facilitation services by hiring a Community Education Coordinator.

Orange County Dispute Settlement Center, Carrboro, NC, received $4,000 to build the capacity of the center to provide training and mediation services dealing with both heterosexual and homosexual unmarried couples.

The Conflict Resolution Center, Morganton, NC was awarded $4,400 to support their Peace Pipeline Initiative. The Peace Pipeline was created to expand the center’s community mediation services "through youth to youth.” The grant will support training and the salary for the Director of Youth Services.

Chatham County Dispute Settlement Center (CCDSC), Pittsboro, NC received $3,820 under the program development and diversity and social justice focus areas. CCDSC will train bilingual, bicultural volunteers to serve the increasing Latino Community.

Piedmont Mediation Center, Statesville, NC was awarded $3,000 to support its Partners in Parenting Program. The program includes a four-hour seminar that teaches divorcing parents how to remain a stable force in their children’s lives during the transition of divorce or custody battles.

Athens Area Mediation Service, Athens, OH was awarded $4,580 to expand the awareness of mediation concepts and the use of mediation beyond the city of Athens into the small communities and rural areas of Athens County, which has a high poverty rate.

Cleveland Mediation Center, Cleveland, OH was awarded $5,000 to support its Employed Youth Initiative. The initiative is a conflict resolution training program for young employees ages 15 to 22.

Dayton Mediation Center, Dayton, OH, received a minigrant of $4,000 under the Diversity and Social Justice focus area. The grant will assist the center in determining best methods and practices to provide culturally relevant mediation services to African-Americans in the city.

Yamhill County Mediators, McMinnville, OR was awarded a technology minigrant of $700 to purchase new computer hardware and train staff in new software programs.

Mediation Works, Medford, OR, was awarded $4,000 to expand the capacity of its Family Mediation Program. The program provides mediation and conflict resolution education for parents and their adolescent children. A team of one adolescent and one adult provides the mediation services.

Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution, Newport, OR, received a $1,000 Technology minigrant to support case management data entry. This assistance in tracking center mediation statistics will enable the center to provide meaningful, measurable data on the services it provides.

Bay Area Mediation Service, North Bend, OR received $2,922 to increase awareness of the center’s services in the community. Outreach activities include mailings, meetings with law enforcement agencies, Public Service Announcements, presentations to schools and other agencies, and displays at fairs and other events.

Montgomery County Mediation Center, Norristown, PA was awarded $1,655 to purchase videotaping equipment that will be used in training, mentoring, evaluation, and supervision of mediators.

Good Shepherd Mediation Program, Philadelphia, PA received $2,500 to develop a victim offender conferencing program for juvenile offenders and their victims. The project is a collaboration with the Philadelphia Family Court
Balanced Approach to Restorative Justice Task Force and the Youth Study Center.

Pittsburgh Mediation Center, Pittsburgh, PA was awarded $2,500 to expand its Mediation Partners Project in collaboration with a local law school and the District Attorney’s Office. The project will integrate mediation services into traditional court processes at the district justice level.

The Rose Center, Scranton, PA was awarded a NAFCM minigrant of $5,000. "Talk It Out, Don’t Duke It Out” provides mediation training and services to youth in the Boys and Girls Club after-school program.
Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island, Providence, RI received $5,000 to provide conflict resolution seminars and mediation training to members of Street Warriors Organization of Peace Football League (SWOOP), an extensive violence intervention program that involves gang members.

Community Mediation Center, Columbia, SC received $4,000 to provide quality family and divorce mediation services to low-income and indigent families. The grant will also help to increase the pool of qualified family and divorce volunteer mediators and to promote the use of mediation by educating appropriate agencies and the public about the center’s services.

Mediation Services of Putnam County, Cookeville, TN received a technology grant of $1,000. The funds will enable the center to obtain a computer, internet and e-mail services.

Mid South Mediation Services, Hohenwald, TN was awarded a minigrant of $5,000 to support the expansion of its services in two additional counties, train additional mediators, provide conflict resolution training to the community, and to develop diversified local funding sources.

Mediation and Reconciliation/Restitution Services (MARRS), Memphis, TN received a technology grant of $897. The funds will enable the center to obtain internet and e-mail services.

Dispute Resolution Center, Austin, TX, received $2,500 to support its "Parenting Beyond Divorce” project in which divorced parents learn anger management, communication and negotiation skills.

Just Solutions, Brattleboro, VT was awarded $4,356. The grant will be used to develop a project in conjunction with the courts, state’s attorney’s office and Social and Rehabilitative Services. The project will establish mediation services for cases involving the abuse and neglect of children and in Termination of Parental Rights cases.

The Mediation Center at FOCUS, Charlottesville, VA, was awarded $3,000 for the Virginia Coalition of Community Mediation Centers. The funds will be used to conduct research and prepare reports that document the current and potential value of community mediation centers to Virginia, explore the possibilities for development of the Coalition, and offer recommendations for state support of community mediation.

Community Mediation Center, Harrisonburg, VA was awarded $3,000 to support the development and delivery of training to the legal community concerning the center’s restorative justice program. The minigrant will also be used to develop criteria and protocol for making appropriate referrals to the restorative justice program.
Dispute Settlement Center, Norfolk, VA received a minigrant of $3,444 to create a public policy dispute resolution model and to initiate an intensive public education campaign to inform the community about the benefits of using dispute resolution in the public policy arena.

Conflict Resolution Center, Roanoke, VA, received a $607 mini-grant award in the Professional Development and Organizational Effectiveness and Technology focus areas. $500 will pay for a financial audit and $107 will purchase an update for their mediation case management software. The center also received a technology minigrant of $220 to purchase QuickBooks accounting software which will contribute to the efficiency of center operations.

Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, Warrenton, VA, received $2,500 to provide community training workshops on community-oriented policing/community mediation. The project intends to promote citizen, police and mediation center collaboration in addressing crime, violence, community problem solving, and race relations.

Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County, Bremerton, WA, was awarded $4,000 to provide an advanced training on Domestic Abuse and Custody Mediation. The Center will also develop policies for domestic violence screening/assessment and develop alliances with domestic violence agencies.

Dispute Resolution Center of Lewis County, Chehalis, WA, received $4,000 to promote diversity and social justice by reducing the levels of interpersonal violence and intolerance. Through the "Restore Safety, Refuse Violence” project, the center will present training sessions for community members that integrate conflict resolution skill-building with tolerance and violent crime prevention information.

King County Dispute Resolution Services, Seattle, WA was awarded $3,640 for program development. Funds will be used to hire a Court Program Coordinator to coordinate the services offered at the nine divisions of the

King County District Court. Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution, Tacoma, WA received a technology minigrant of $963 to purchase a networkable modem, DSL line, and internet service provider.

Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima & Kittitas Counties, Yakima, WA received a minigrant of $5,000. Funds will be used to develop and offer a series of workshops for low-income residents on conflict resolution, communication skills, community/police interaction, and landlord/tenant issues.

West Virginia Center for Dispute Resolution, Morgantown, WV, received a $1,000 Technology minigrant. Funds will be used to purchase their first computer.

Community Justice Initiatives, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada was awarded $3,225. The grant will support the Sport Mediation and Reconciliation Team (SMART), which addresses conflicts that erupt in sports.

Odessa Regional Group of Mediation, Odessa, Ukraine was awarded $4,295 to introduce peer mediation in schools.

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