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Each year, NAFCM invites members of the NAFCM family to hear the call to become candidates for the NAFCM Board of Directors. Serving as a NAFCM Board member is an incredible opportunity to learn about and influence how community mediation can expand the reach and depth in creating the possibility for sustained positive peace in the lives of individuals and communities.  If you would like to share your experience and skills as a steward of community mediation by becoming a NAFCM Board member, please review the information below and consider submitting an application during our official Call for Nominations.

Candidate Qualifications

Candidates for NAFCM's Board of Directors are those individuals who have a passion for community mediation, its advancement, services, and potential. This passion may originate from your current employment or volunteer services with a particular community mediation program, or through some other involvement within the field, such as a program funder, ADR advocate, client, or other stakeholder role.


No particular background or title is required of candidates for the NAFCM Board of Directors. Instead, we ask that all candidates demonstrate a commitment toward advancing the field's ideals through their personal and/or professional activities. Candidates from diverse personal backgrounds and professional histories are strongly encouraged, as NAFCM seeks representatives along numerous measures of diversity. As part of our call NAFCM is keen to expand the Board to include states, provinces, commonwealths and territories where our members reside, that are not presently represented within Board membership.  However, with that said  NAFCM warmly welcome all candidates regardless of geography.


If a candidate is not already a current NAFCM member at the time of nomination, an individual or affiliated program membership will be required prior to standing for the election.

Elected nominees will join a stellar class of current board members, and help influence the exciting future of community mediation in North America as well as around the globe as  framework to create the safe space necessary for the possibility of positive sustainable peace!

If you have a question about whether you are qualified to become a candidate for NAFCM's Board of Directors, please feel free to contact us.

Board Member Expectations

Members of the NAFCM Board of Directors serve on a "Working Board." This designation indicates Board members should expect to devote a regular, but manageable number of hours and resources toward accomplishing specific organizational objectives. Being part of NAFCM's Board of Directors carries the following expectations:

  • Time Commitment
    • NAFCM Board members serve  a three year term beginning in the late Summer/ early Autumn  of the year they are elected. NAFCM's Bylaws allow individuals to run for re-election during the cycle in which their tenure would otherwise end, resulting in a combined term of up to six consecutive years. At the discretion of the Board, terms for shorter than three years may be requested and/or provided based on the needs of both the individual candidate and the organization.
    • During their tenure, Board members are expected to consistently donate a minimum of five hours per month to NAFCM projects. Many previous Board members have found this expectation to be an aligned, manageable extension of their current professional responsibilities. Though Board members are encouraged to develop specific goals for their Board tenure, one's monthly time commitment will likely mirror the following allocation:
      • 2.5 hours - Monthly Board Meeting (including preparation, participation, and follow-up; conducted via online platforms)
      • 1.5 hours - Monthly Committee and/or Task Force Meeting(s) ( including preparation, participation and follow-up conducted via online platforms)
      • 1-2 hours a month working on your individual board work plan
      • 1.5 hours - Officer/Chair Responsibilities
  • Travel Commitment
    • Annual Face-to-Face Board Meeting
      • In addition to the monthly Board meetings held via tele/web conferencing technologies, the NAFCM Board holds one face-to-face meeting each year that usually lasts three days. Nominal financial support for Board members' attendance at the face-to-face meeting has varied over the years, however more times than not Board members are asked to cover all  their own costs as an in-kind contribution to NAFCM.
  • Financial Commitment
    • In addition to the various and generous in-kind contributions of Board members' stewardship time, travel, and other resources, NAFCM also strives to achieve an annual 100% rate of financial contribution from its Board of Directors. When achieved, this giving rate strengthens NAFCM's position when seeking outside funding, as well as provides added legitimacy when individual Board members ask others to invest in NAFCM. Each Board member is asked to financially invest at a personally meaningful and responsible level.
    • Each prospective board member must be open and willing to actively engage in ongoing fundraising activities for NAFCM.

Process Timeline

NAFCM formally opens its Call for Nominations in March. Candidates are asked to consider both the qualification requirements and Board member expectations detailed above. If you have any questions about the qualifications, expectations, or others' experiences on the Board, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to discuss this opportunity further.

Once candidates have thoroughly reviewed the above information and feel their service as a NAFCM Board member would be both personally and organizationally beneficial, we encourage you to complete the nomination form available below. This form will help us record and evaluate your candidacy for the Board. Following the closing of nomination period, a phone interview, conducted by a current NAFCM Board member, will be scheduled at a convenient time. During this interview, candidates will be asked follow-up questions to further detail their current/previous involvement and/or interest in community mediation.

Candidates whose participation in the interview process results in a mutual decision to move forward, will then be presented to the board for final vetting and affirmation. Those names affirmed by the current NAFCM Board of Directors will be added to an official ballot distributed to the NAFCM membership for  selection. This balloting process will determine the new slate of Board members for the upcoming term. Newly elected Board members will be notified of the election outcome according to the timeline outlined below.

Once elected, new Board members participate in an orientation process to familiarize themselves with the operations of the Board and prepare them for a successful start to their tenure. New Board members' first official meeting occurs following their installation at the annual face-to-face meeting.

2020 Deadlines

February 20, 2020 - Call for Nominations Opens

April 3, 2020- Nomination Forms Due

April- May 2020- Nominee Phone Interviews Conducted

June 15- June 92, 2020 - Ballot opens to NAFCM Members

June 29, 2020- Voting closes

July 25, 2020 - Candidates Notified of Election Results

*Deadlines conclude at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Submit a Nominations Form

After you have reviewed both the qualification requirements and Board member expectations detailed above, we encourage you to submit the official Nominations Form. Nominations forms must  be completed by the candidate.

Ask Questions

Have questions about NAFCM's Board of Directors, its placement process, or whether or not this opportunity is a good fit for you? We would be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you. Please feel free to contact DG Mawn at, or any other current NAFCM board member directly. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this wonderful opportunity!

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