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Community Mediation Success Stories
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Privacy – A tenant was frightened by a landlord who would enter the apartment without giving her proper notice. The two parties agreed to a settlement where the landlord would give the tenant 24 hour notice before entering her home and would only request entry for maintenance issues.


Quiet Enjoyment – A person with a chemical sensitivity disability was bothered by fertilizers the landlord used in the garden and cleaning chemicals used in the house. The problem was resolved in mediation when the owner agreed to seek the tenant’s input on the chemicals and fertilizers and the tenant agreed to pay the incremental cost associated with products that were more expensive.


Break Lease – A tenant on a new one-year lease discovered mold while moving into the rental property. He decided to not rent the home, but the owner would not let him out of the lease. Through mediation the parties agreed that the lease could be broken with 30 days notice.


Habitability – A tenant had to move out of his apartment for several days because of a strong chemical odor from staining the floors in the apartment below. As a result of mediation, the landlord agreed to reimburse the tenant for the two nights lodging he incurred.


Termination – A tenant moved into a room in a house owned and occupied by a senior. The tenant would often stay out all night, slammed doors and was verbally abusive to the owner, which made her feel unsafe. A settlement was reached where the tenant moved out immediately. The owner did not charge him for nights that he was not at the house and also refunded his full security deposit.



A homeowner who lives next to a church was disturbed by the janitor’s late-night clean-up of the facility. As a result of the mediation, the church changed the janitor’s work schedule and the two parties created a communications process to address any new issues that might arise.A new homeowner was disturbed by barking from their next door neighbor’s dog. The problem was successfully resolved through mediation. The dog’s owner agreed to use a bark suppression collar and not let the dog out when both he and is wife were away from the house.A tenant’s 10-yr old daughter was being bullied by her next door neighbor’s daughter. In mediation, the other mother agreed to talk to her daughter about bullying and also seek help from a school counselor. Both parties agreed to communicate regularly about what was working well and not working between the two girls. This mediation was conducted with the help of a Spanish interpreter.


A homeowner hired a handyman she had used on numerous occasions. This job involved repairing her redwood deck. During the repair, dry rot was found and the handyman informed the owner that the job would be more expensive than the original estimate. The final bill was about twice the original estimate. The homeowner refused to pay the increased amount and said she would not use the handyman again. As a result of mediation the parties agree to split the disputed amount and their relation was improved to the point that the owner hired the handyman for a new job.


Employee /Employer
An employer and a former employee had a disagreement over the amount of back pay that was owed to the employee. Through mediation they reached agreement on the amount owed to the employee.

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