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Volunteers are the lifeblood of community mediation. Every day in community mediation centers trained volunteers selflessly choose to dedicate their time and skills to help people navigate complex, emotional issues and provide them the opportunity to build their own outcomes and find resolution and peace. NAFCM too relies on the power of volunteers. Community mediation professionals and experts from across the country donate their time and wisdom to help NAFCM develop plans and resources to support our members and all the work that they do in their communities.

Below you will find a listing of volunteers who have been awarded NAFCM's Outstanding Volunteer Award. These volunteers were first recognized by their local centers for providing outstanding levels of service, and then recognized by NAFCM as standing out among their peers across the country for their devotion to their craft and communities. Below you will also find a listing of individuals who have volunteered on one of NAFCM's standing committees. These individuals have provided countless hours of behind-the-scenes service to help NAFCM further its goal of being the Hub for community mediation.

Past NAFCM Outstanding Award Selections:


Winter 2020-  Rolando Ortegon (Community Mediation Services - Vancouver, WA)

Spring 2020 - Anastasia Svigos (Center for Conflict Resolution - Chicago, IL)

Summer 2020 - APADRC Summer Remote COVID-19 Team: Wenjie Ouyang, Robert Kwan, Chuhong Qian, Yankun Gao, Saphya Council, Maria Mirza, Hsin-Yu Tsai, Bingqing Zuo, Xiangkun Zhan, Kaisheng Yang, Dantong Pan, Danijela Milisic, Danielle Sze, Weiwen Chen (Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center - Los Angeles, CA)

Autumn 2020 - 


Winter 2019 -  Martin Applebaum (Community Mediation Services - Jamaica, NY)

Spring 2019-  Samba Silla, Esq.  (Dayton Mediation Center- Dayton, OH)

Summer 2019Steve Jacobsen (Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center- Sellinsgrove, PA)

Autumn 2019 - Charlsie Moore (The Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County - Conroe, TX)


Winter 2018 - Paula Lowe (Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas - Fort Worth, TX)

Spring 2018 - Sharon D. Armour (Metropolitan Mediation Services- Brookline, MA)

Summer 2018 - Bill Van Buskirk (Center for Dispute Settlement- Livingston, NY)

Autumn 2018 - Pat Nichols (Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center, Inc.- Oshkosh, WI)   


Winter 2017 - Michele Charves-Pardini (West Hawai'i Mediation Center - Kamuela, HI)

Spring 2017 - Wendy Waldron (Creative Mediation at Wilshire Community Services - San Luis Obispo, CA)

Summer 2017 - Michael Cassandra (New York Peace Institute - New York, NY)

Autumn 2017 - Diane Cadonau (Hillsboro Mediation Center - Hillsboro, OR)


Winter 2016 - Joy George (Prairie Land Mediation Center - Champaign, IL)

Spring 2016 - Jim Ames (Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas - Fort Worth, TX)

Summer 2016 - Mary Lowndes Bryan (Midlands Mediation Center - Columbia, SC)

Autumn 2016- Amy Rothman (Los Angeles County Bar Association- Los Angeles, CA)

Spring 2015 - Mimi Grosser (Community Dispute Settlement Center - Cambridge, MA)

Summer 2015 - Joel Bogen (Jefferson County Mediation Services - Golden, CO)

Autumn 2015 - Karen Michael (Project Sentinel & Palo Alto Mediation Services - Santa Clara, CA)


Winter 2014 - Raymond "Bud" Baker (The Center for Resolution Justice and Center - Buffalo, NY)   
Spring 2014 - June Zeis (Dayton Mediation Center - Dayton, OH)
Summer 2014 - Debbie Horberg (Center for Conflict Resolution - Chicago, IL)
Autumn 2014Gary Casady (Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center - Hood, OR)

NAFCM Committee Volunteers


Membership Enhancement Committee
Sara Campos, California

Maura Chavez, North Carolina

Sharon Eckstien (Chair), Pennsylvania
Tina Estle, North Carolina

Brennan Frazier, New York

Jed Friedland, California
Stephanie Grunze-Swanson, Texas
Steffanie Medina, California

Renata Valree, California


Strategic Partnership and Resource Committee
Elahe Amani, California

Mindy Burrell, District of Columbia,

Kabrina Bass (Co-Chair), South Carolina
Danielle Cosgrove, Ohio
Rosalind Cresswell, Massachusetts

Lori Dieckman, Colorado

Ariel Gordon, Virginia

Christina Kataoka, California

Miles Mabray, Oregon

Chris Mendez, Minnesota

Ben Pogue, South Carolina 

Jody Suhrbier, Washington

Jeanne Zimmer (Co-Chair), Minnesota



Impact and Values Committee
Sabrina Bohun, Massachusetts
Diane Frea, Alabama

Joy George, Illinois

Cassie Lively, Illinois
Timothy Lydgate (Chair), California

Martin, California
Letitia Rosenthal, New York
Gene Shire, Texas
Marc Stanley, Michigan

Felicia Washington, Virginia



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